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What Sanctions? Russia’s Richest Are Biggest Winners This Year(Ваш отзыв)

What Sanctions? Russia’s Richest Are Biggest Winners This Year The mood among the average Russian may be souring with inflation eating into their purchasing power, but the country’s richest are world beaters when it comes to making money. The 10 wealthiest people in Russia have added more to their fortunes year-to-date than any of their counterparts globally, […]


TRADE-UNIONIST FETISHISM   One of the Russian lefts wrote, arguing, that in Tunisia cannot win Islamists: «In Tunisian revolutions, I remind you, the great role played trade unions. Where is the menace of the local Talib to come to the power?» From this phrase I’ve got an impression, that the guy have learned history by […]


ABOUT CHAVISM AND EVENTS IN VENEZUELA       The United States terrorized Latin America with fascist dictators throughout the 20th century. In the 21st century, the Latin American peoples have made a famous “left turn”. Today, no government of Latin America, at least openly, does not call itself right. In Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Chile […]

A couple words about «proletarism» and intellectual’s snivels(Ваш отзыв)

A couple words about «proletarism» and intellectual’s snivels     «Proletarism» as some ideological trend can be defined as a variant of «tailism», that accept only productional proletariat as an exclusive bearer of the revolutionary ideology and rejecting the right to take a leading participation in the struggle of the working class for the representatives […]


FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION     The fight against corruption — this is a very important and essential political sign with which we have to deal. Followers of anti-corruption rhetoric adopt “the politics of small affairs”. They gather the broadest segments under the slogans of struggle against the abuse and theft of state apparatus in order […]


OPPOSITION SPEECHES AND COMMUNISM   The political impotence of liberal and left-wing opposition is expressed in the same old tricks. Liberals want maximally show Putin’s regime in the negative, anti-democratic color. The Left want to show their arch-revolutionary spirit, to run into the real «battle» with the bourgeois police car, in the face of Special Police […]


SOCIALISM, COMRADES ~ People’s Palaces, Moscow Metro Stations   More than just a means of transportation, the capital’s metro is truly a masterpiece of art and architecture. You won’t find two stations that look alike. The Russian city’s metro stations are architectural stunners, perhaps even the most beautiful in the world. The stations are so […]


J.V. STALIN ARCHIVES     On this page you can find a complete collection of Joseph Stalin’s writings, including articles, letters, orders and speeches. The source of the material is from the Marxists Internet Archives.   1900s From the Editors (September 1901) The Russian Social-Democratic Party and its Immediate Tasks (Nov — Dec 1901) The Social-Democratic View on […]

Moscow 1937. By Lion Feuchtwanger.(Ваш отзыв)

Moscow 1937 My Visit Described for My Friends By Lion Feuchtwanger Translated by Irene Josephy 1937 • The Viking Press • New York Contents Foreword 1. Work and Leisure 2. Conformism and Individualism 3. Democracy and Dictatorship 4. Nationalism and Internationalism 5. War and Peace 6. Stalin and Trotsky 7. The Explicable and the Inexplicable in the Trotskyist Trials 8. Hatred and Love   […]

No to imperialist war! // Нет империалистической войне!(Ваш отзыв)

AN IMPERIALIST CONFLICT IN UKRAINE Capitalist Russia has interests in Ukraine — only predatory, imperialist interests. The slogans of «the brotherhood of peoples» and «protection against fascism» are just beautiful words, fig leaf to disguise the true purpose — to robbery, exploitation of the proletariat in Ukraine, neo-colonial, expanding their market. We are against «OUR» […]