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Как дурят экс-советских леваков о Донбассе?(Ваш отзыв)

Иван Бортник How to make a fool of the lefts abroad ex-USSR about Donbass? 1. Speak loudely, that «the Donbass people have risen against «ukrainian fascism». That’s not true. Most part of the voting for Donetsk and Lugansk republics in April-May of 2014 voted for the uniting with imperialist Russia by the economical reasons. The […]

Crítica do filme «Obsessão»(Ваш отзыв)

Crítica do filme «Obsessão» Tradutor Luis Lima   Crítica do filme «Obsessão» para criar ou identificar uma personalidade brilhante? Esta é a pergunta principal que tenta responder ao cineasta e roteirista Damien Šazel no drama psicológico musical «Whiplash» (literalmente, chicote, chicote), lançado na Rússia, sob o nome de «Obsessão». A história começa quando Andrew Niemann […]

Pourquoi Slaviansk n’est pas Madrid et pourquoi Donbass n’est pas l’Espagne — Почему Славянск не Мадрид, а Донбасс не Испания(Ваш отзыв)

En préambule, l’auteur rappelle la différence entre la logique dialectique et la la logique formelle. En résumé, contrairement à la logique formelle, la logique dialectique opère avec l’objet à la fois changeant et concret. Cela veut dire que «A» n’est pas égale à «A», pris à des moments différents et dans des circonstances différentes. Comme […]

Democratic centralism as a source of opportunism in the Communist Party(Ваш отзыв)

Публикуем перевод на английский язык статьи В. Подгузова Демократический централизм, как питательная среда для размножения «бацилл» оппортунизма в коммунистической партии. Предлагаем к распространению среди англочитающей аудитории.     Adapted for translation Valery Podguzov   Democratic centralism as a source of opportunism in the Communist Party The problem is still not solved     As you […]

Reflections on the TV series “House M.D.”(Ваш отзыв)

‎Газета коммунистическая (Communist paper) Reflections on the TV series “House M.D.”     Modern bourgeois media industry is all-out ideological hegemony of the market thinking. Thousands of “creators” – yea-sayers and toadies, being remunerated, convince any viewer that capitalism is the only way of social organization. They create pieces of work which take a thought […]

Fight against corruption(Ваш отзыв)

Газета коммунистическая (Communist paper)    Fight against corruption The fight against corruption – this is a very important and essential political sign with which we have to deal. Followers of anti-corruption rhetoric adopt “the politics of small affairs”. They gather the broadest segments under the slogans of struggle against the abuse and theft of state […]

Resignation of Vladislav Surkov(Ваш отзыв)

Газета коммунистическая (Communist paper)     Resignation of Vladislav Surkov Resignation of Vladislav Surkov (did You notice that they call him as a poet, by his name and surname?) only confirmed our view that in the group of major oligarchic monopoly bourgeoisie, which has ruled the country, for a long time is brewing a serious […]

Review on the article of V.A. Podguzov on scientific centralism(Ваш отзыв)

Газета коммунистическая (Communist paper)     Review on the article of V.A. Podguzov on scientific centralism       I’ll try to decipher V.A. Podguzov for our readers, followers and companions, who are afraid to think for themselves or do not want to read attentively. V.A. Podguzov highlights an organizational concept or theory of the […]

Opposition Speeches and Communism(Ваш отзыв)

Газета коммунистическая (Communist paper)     Opposition Speeches and Communism     The political impotence of liberal and left-wing opposition is expressed in the same old tricks. Liberals want maximally show Putin’s regime in the negative, anti-democratic color. The Left want to show their arch-revolutionary spirit, to run into the real «battle» with the bourgeois […]

On the newspaper «Communist paper»(Ваш отзыв)

Газета коммунистическая (Communist paper)     On the newspaper     We are going through desperate times. A critical epoch appeared over and over, sometimes it was fair but mostly for an effect. The times we live in give us much food for thought and appeal to sense of real tragedy and disquiet among every […]