Resignation of Vladislav Surkov
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Resignation of Vladislav Surkov

Resignation of Vladislav Surkov (did You notice that they call him as a poet, by his name and surname?) only confirmed our view that in the group of major oligarchic monopoly bourgeoisie, which has ruled the country, for a long time is brewing a serious conflict.

The bourgeoisie as a class combined its capitalist government and necessity to hold jointly the struggle of proletariat. In the case when from the bourgeois class emerged a group of monopolists, which is directly fused with its bourgeois state, it is a very fragile alliance. Combining of bourgeoisie is relative, while a competition and a ferocious hatred to get profits, are absolute. Therefore, the state of constant strife is inherent for bourgeois class and comes from the very nature of private property.

During the period of active growth and formation of imperialism, in the period of crisis and recession a monopoly bourgeoisie was firmly united around its national team manager Vladimir Putin.

As soon as they felt an opportunity to run at the partner, they regrouped into small groups and began to weave their intrigues, not acting overtly.

The first serious bell has become “The Case of Pussy Riot”, which was clearly beyond the scope of ordinary political life of Russia. One of the stupid actions, had happened before around ten times, became a loud affair which gained almost an international importance. Peter Verzilov, one of the members of group «The War» and husband of PR member Tolokonnikova, is 90% provocateur in the service of the FSB. The participants have become a parody on «the regime fighters» and looked ridiculous on the court. At the same time they got a penal. The case PR was untwisted from all the sides. And today one of defendants of the scandal the attorney Feigin writes in Twitter: “Now there is no secret that Surkov was engaged into intrigues surrounding the case of PUSSY RIOT”. And it is really, someone in the PR played his role in fanning the situation from the state and the court sides. Do not just forget what a shame felt Putin, when he was misinformed about the essence of promotional event at the press conference with Merkel. Someone was behind it and this is a direct fight and honeypot of the Putin’s team.

Then there was a new government after the elections and series of corruption scandals involving high-profile cases. Peskov, Markin and Volodin were active and in some way new faces.

The resignation of Surkov began with successive attacks on the anti-corruption project “Skolkovo”. Surkov personally supervised the project and was on the Board of Fund “Skolkovo”. According to government insiders of Forbes, the attack was headed by Ivanov and Volodin. Surkov snapped in London, and Markin springed at Surkov in “Izvestiya”.

The conflict beared against the fact of funding through the “Skolkovo” of deputy Ponomarev known by support “swamp” opposition. Thus, Surkov was suspected in connection with the opposition.

This is not surprising. From Marxism point of view, it is clear that swamp opposition somehow expresses the interests of one of the bourgeoisie groups. And if the nationalists and leftists do it possibly for free or almost for free, the liberals had to borrow money. Liberals traditionally took money from the U.S. imperialists, but the Russian monopoly bourgeoisie will buy them more expensive. Russian oligarchs have been amicable partners with multinational corporations of Western imperialism. That is the Russian Federation has been recognized as a regional imperialist power with their sphere of influence. Russian oligarchs have won for money from oil and gas the cheap labor and the state-monopoly region centralization of the former Soviet Union, and possibly the Eastern Europe.

Putin’s followers injected anti-orange hysteria against the opposition to play the card of nationalism and fool the workers. In fact, for the swamp opposition there are interests of imperialists of the West (which tend to show their influence in Russia and to lead a profitable trade with their partners from Putin’s team) and the emerging opposition to Putin group of oligarchs. So, we believe that Navalniy – this is a good option that is painless for the oligarchy change of Putin. Well Udaltsov will be the new Zyuganov.

Iv. Grano

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