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We are going through desperate times. A critical epoch appeared over and over, sometimes it was fair but mostly for an effect. The times we live in give us much food for thought and appeal to sense of real tragedy and disquiet among every nice observer. The end of the last century marked with the beginning of major depression for us. The feeling, that we have no future or it blindly repeats the present, disturbs our living and provokes a hypersusceptibility to prejudice and self-persuasion.

But we should not draw conclusions about a person by what he thinks of himself or how he feels. This is an old truth, which is more valuable than new ones and excellently suits for a strong-minded reader. Let’s declare our time as time full of tragedies not for the feelings of desperate contemporaries, but for material and social circumstances that rose as an impenetrable wall in front of our social development, that means in front of each person’s development. We will move on from general literature to literature of general action.


To prevent our «unmasking» by different guardians of common sense, let’s identify at once some of knowledge, we lean on. We recognize the fundamental knowability of the world and do not accept philosophical and historical idealism. We defend a scientific knowledge in social science. We are Marxists and we learn to explain the social reality in a Marxist way, in terms of materialism and with help of dialectics. This is the only correct theory, based on the achievements of social thinking and natural sciences. This is the most advanced way of thinking.

It means that in the field of social structure and social development, we are communists. People, who botch society in a scientific way and join all the forces in the struggle for society transformation based on scientific principles, are against classes and exploitation of man by man.


We do not waste our time discussing the moral decay of society, degradation in different spheres of life. We dwell only on the characteristics of the current situation from historical and political points of view.

In 1917 in Russia there was a watershed in humanity life – an alliance of exploited classes took the power in society. The leaders of this power were Bolsheviks, led by Lenin. USSR — the first and the one major example in history when human society organized its development according to the plan, consciously. The fact is that before the victory of the socialist revolution the modern society in Russia developed spontaneously. Anarchy and greed for gain dominated in economic life. The goal of social production have been hidden behind aimless accumulation of wealth in the hands of oligarchs’ small group, and the direct producers were aloof from production results. USSR existence turned economic, political and cultural basis of human vegetation in market slavery.

Of course, changes in social relations in the past were carried out mainly consciously — as a result of advanced classes struggle. The revolutions took place before, but it was the concluding chords of a new social structure establishment on the foundation already formed, accepted and approved new economic relations. These revolutions had the same scenario: young exploiting classes on the backs of exploited masses swept away the old exploiting classes, setting new social orders. When they took the upper hand, they quench rage of freedom and transform their revolutionary policy into a counter-revolutionary reaction. In general, the whole human history, except the primitive communal system, — it’s a struggle for freedom of huge masses from miserable group of exploiters.

Present simulacrum of community classes, or false information on the approval of classless (or new-class) society, we can incriminate easy going outwards developed countries. The world presents by itself a single economic mechanism and a single social organism. If into the tiny group of exploiters, for some reason, were included «average» segment of the most developed countries, it does not mean a building of «post-industrial society» there, free of exploitation and class struggle. These » average segment » just take their cut from the «third world» peoples exploitation and the theory of «information society» — this is their pour illusions that cause only contempt among strong-minded readers.

Every release was conscious only at the very low degree. Spontaneity of historical development is a relative term, but today we can safely say that the boundary was overcomeв and after this we dare to say that the era of release from natural and social slavery has already begun. As soon as scientific and revolutionary teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, naturally grow out of the whole development of human thought – it is appeared a chance to complete the course of history «adrift of the river.» Marxism was impossible while in the depths of society there was formed an opportunity to apply his findings until the scientific world has not reached a required level. Marxism it is an instruction for further independent actions of humanity, developed in connection with the end of blind people depending on the conditions of their existence.

An industry, which turned over a person’s life, set the background for qualitative change in the nature transformation. In resources of capitalism were routinely and unavoidably created the most objective conditions of transition to communism – this is large industry, highly developed natural sciences and, most importantly, the Marxist theory. Thus, it has appeared a social force, that can turn and organize society as necessary. But possible doesn’t mean real, you have to work hard to make the possibility real.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks hold Marxism, brought it to the masses and made a political revolution in October 1917. Then according to reality, they began to develop society, releasing it from the manacles of capitalism.

Unfortunately, the breakaway from applying of Marxism practice was a mistake of the party that led the USSR and the socialist countries to disaster of 90s. The Bolsheviks, who lead the masses, overcomed a lot of the most incredible difficulties; our ancestors paid with their sweat and blood for many and many revolutionary conclusions that would have been impossible without the real practice of those years. They paid in blood for a society development.

History of the USSR truly hardened the world depressed classes. But the great theory and practice of Marxism was defeated by incompetence of petty-bourgeois mind. The lack of theoretical continuity of ideologues level of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin in the party and the insufficient protection of the party from opportunism played a fateful role. Among other things the party was unable to recover after the war under the onslaught of bourgeois remnants. Lots from the best communists lost their lives in the struggle against European and Japanese fascism.


Socialism is a transitional stage in the struggle for a new social life. The main economic law of socialism it is satisfaction of the constantly rising material and spiritual needs of industrial classes, through the development of advanced technology and science. In the process of socialism, it was used the bourgeois principle of distribution «from each according to his ability, to each according to his work». Work within the cultural development of people slowly stopped to be a means of leaving and became a conscious need. All the surplus product of society is directed to social needs, society development. The main enemy of the socialist economy it is a production disbalance, leading to anarchy, that means a formation of potential basis for the rise of commodity relations. Market, being a stronghold of a class society within socialism is the greatest evil, pulling in an era of capitalist slavery. In the sphere of public consciousness is the same struggle of the new man’s communist culture, brought up in a communist attitude with vestiges of the past. They should be removed and die along with the development of scientific consciousness, with inoculation of the scientific picture of the world and the inclusion of communist labor. Leading and guiding role in the society development under socialism play advanced organization of industrial workers, the most theoretically qualified its representatives are the Communist Party. One of the main goals of socialist building is the involvement of the masses of working people in public life, real practice of governance. We think that these core principles : 1. the basic economic law of socialism, 2. the principle of distribution according to work, 3. Cultural Revolution, 4. the leading role of the Communist Party, 5. the increase of masses competence and their involvement into the management of society, kept according to reality of those years, only until the end of the Stalinist leadership.


In 90 years, we have rolled back to the era under the movement slogan forward to «freedom.» Now it is not necessary to explain that freedom, which led us to the 91st — is the freedom to be wage slaves for the majority and the freedom to live at the expense of others for a tiny group of degenerates. This bourgeois freedom is freedom for the bourgeois. And according to the present, it is the freedom for a big monopolist to suck all the life out of the working people of our country and abroad. By the end of 80’s the «socialist system», long ago turning the path of «peaceful coexistence» with capitalism, became a society of winning bourgeois class. In the USSR it was developed a way of thinking that grows from small proprietary consciousness, and any creativity, all the communism dwindled into formula-spells, dead postulates. The theory died under the pressure of ignorance, vestiges of the bourgeois and did not get a realization in the practical life of society. And when there is no scientific goal, then a socialist society blindly follows the path of the least resistance, the path of capitalist restoration.

In socialist USSR the old bourgeois lifestyle was gradually approving by the wrong policy post-Stalinist Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which has committed itself to the restoration of commodity-money relations in the economy. So «communist» officers from the party have produced the whole army of potential bourgeois. By the end of the 80’s party, was so out of join, that a few groups of traitors with their struggle for power could cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. The arena of public life rushed hundreds of thousands of bourgeois-minded citizens. This candidate pool of capitalism began break in parts the public property of socialism. They are like an uneducated peasant ran after the slogan of freedom and individual enrichment. Declaring the «freedom» that was absent «under the socialism», the top of people, who fell greedily to power and property began to steal, allowing masses to steal too. More than 2 \ 3 of the productive forces have been destroyed, many people were not able to survive in 90 years. New bourgeois Russia was conquered by the Western imperialists.

The main purpose of capitalist society it is making of profit for the bourgeoisie (monopolist), and it does not require that much of what was created in the USSR. The main result of the counter-revolution was the hatred of citizens majority to politics, public life and the deepest infecting of domestic individualism. A communist ideology had not something to set against the bourgeois consciousness, and also gained the label of «forever obsolete.» Now, it is developed a persistent disparagement, which reminds a rejection of science in favor of religion.


Gorbachev represented a breakthrough in relation to the elderly general secretaries. The young revisionist was replaced the older. Yeltsin represented the «democratic» breakthrough replaced «communist dictatorship» during his administration the revisionism finally grew into capitulation. Yeltsin had his personal ambitions and was guided by personal gain. Around his figure was joined a treacherous power group, which had put the Russian society in semi-colonial status. The market reforms have formed a full-blooded bourgeois society. The «released» mass media was quickly sold out and replicated the required to the bourgeois mind information. The October Revolution was completely deposed. The current government «blames» the comprador politics of the 90’s. The Russian bourgeoisie rose on the primary boards to the level of capture the closest markets and now it has the power to dictate the «partnership» terms to the West. The rapacious jaw of Russian capital it is a bourgeois class, organized into a powerful state, which feeds on the fertile land of oil and gas of black earth. The part of old bourgeois class was moved, another part is sitting in silent agreement without interfering in state affairs. The old bourgeoisie are «red» directors, bandits, traders and members of bureaucratic elite . The new bourgeoisie are young, enterprising businessmen and politicians who came from the 90’s, Russian businessmen, trained in the West. The power of the financial and bureaucratic tops merged with big monopolists to increase competitiveness in relation to the major players of global market. At the new century beginning we have the capitalism without any serious socialist remnants. The story began al over again. The tragedy of time, we are going through – it is the capitalist renaissance.


Our newspaper aims to join progressive intellectuals and advanced workers around Marxist, Bolshevist programs of modernity. Only the editorial staff of «Proryv» consistently and correctly implements a dialectical materialist science. The magazine describes the program of revolution and discusses the most pressing issues of theoretical Marxism. Our newspaper publishes in the ideological track of «Proryv», the newspaper’s editorial staff complies with the Marxist authority of «Proryv» editorial office.

Today it is necessary to make the most complete research of modern capitalism, to expose revision of Marxism, opportunism, to analyze socialism of USSR, experience of victories and defeat of the Bolshevist Party, to develop according to the terms the strategy and tactics of fighting. Only carefully conducting this work, winning in the theoretical form of the class struggle, it is possible to attract progressive intellectuals, the advanced workers and educate them in the spirit of Bolshevism.

Practice of the past two decades has shown that without Marxist -Leninist program, without a detailed dialectical materialist analysis the Communists only suffer a defeat after defeat. Left movement it is a petty-bourgeois rabble, but the communist movement is still a prisoner of the leftists. Only the purification of Marxism from platitudes, development of breakthrough program, its application and careful study of Marxist criteria of organized construction within modern conditions can be the basis for the rise of the Communist Party, not only as a title but as a reality.






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