Maduro, will be enough to sentimentalize with the bourgeoisie!!

Maduro, will be enough to sentimentalize with the bourgeoisie!!





Maduro, will be enough to sentimentalize with the bourgeoisie!!

I will remind that, despite anti-imperialism of the Venezuelan regime and its progressiveness, in comparison with the Latin American puppet right regime, «Bolivarian socialism» — antiscientific social-utopian the concept which does not have any relation to Marxism. The crippled theoryy — always crippled practice.

This «socialism» does not smell of any first stage of communism. Silly attempt to build «the state of prosperity» for broad masses, having redistributed oil revenues in their advantage. In the absence of scientific vanguard represented by the Communist Party, without the proletariat created in working class without dictatorship of working class … But at political full rights of the bourgeoisie, bourgeois parliamentarism, openly operating bourgeois parties being the legalized agency of CIA. Nationalization concerned only an oil segment, the private property blossoms and smells. The lion’s share of the economic and political power and is in hands at the bourgeoisie. Generally, in more detail about a situation in Venezuela it is possible to esteem here.


All this, of course, does not mean that it is absolute to communists to spit on Maduro’s regime, and we can wish his defeat. No, we, of course, for that the mode resisted, and not just resisted, and under pressure of the taking place events moved to the left and passed to more radical measures for suppression of a class of the bourgeoisie.

The Russian levachka, owing to the tupogolovost, «grew» only to a hvostizm, before expression of the support to Maduro’s regime and «Bolivarian socialism». And communists are a scientific vanguard of a class. They should not «sympathize», but should specify to the same Maduro how it is CORRECT to behave.

If to support Maduro, then it is necessary to make approximately such slogans:

«Maduro, will be enough to sentimentalize with the bourgeoisie!»

«To ban bourgeois parties! To disperse bourgeois parliament!»

«To deprive the bourgeoisie of the political rights!»

«To confiscate the property of oligarchy, involved in a putsch immediately to arrest!»

«Immediately to nationalize all banks!»

«Guaido — under court for high treason and espionage!»

If affairs worsen, then there will be a question in general of general arms of the proletariat.

Considering the Latin American specifics it is quite good to call even for arrest of all, the generals noticed in disloyalty.

This there would be a real help to the Venezuelan people at large. Moreover, if the mode undertakes nothing similar, and will hand over masses in reaction hands, we before this masses will be clean as we warned …

Nikita Bystrov

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